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Does eating meat make el pene mas grande?

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As a shameless carnivore I’ve been asked lots of interesting questions. Not many have left me stumped, but there was one in particular that I will forever remember. It was a health related question. Now, I’m not a doctor so I have no idea why they would ask me this. But this will surprise even you. That I’m sure of. He asked me if its possible to make your pene mas grande if you eat more meat. Pene mas grande means “make your penis bigger” for those of you who don’t know. The guy said they had been reading this website here that talked about all kinds of methods that are used to make the male reproductive organs bigger. They also said that they had been thinking of other ways that could be achieved and thought that maybe eating more meet had something to do with it. As you might have guessed I told him “I don’t think so, if that did work all men you have a humongous private part”. He laughed and carried on. I really hope that was just a joke. But I was a bit curious so I looked into it just a bit more. When I was in school I hated health class but curiosity got the best of me. Now if you were to go see their blog you will not find anything that talks about using meat to make body parts bigger. If you want to ask people who are a bit experienced in this topic, we suggest you talk to them. On their site you can find all of the contact methods to reach them. But please if you ever see me on the street don’t ask me questions like that. Apply some common sense first before asking questions. Bad questions will make you just look bad.