What We Talk About When We Talk About Chili

March 20th, 2010 by Scott Gold

Scenes like this unfold regularly on stage and screen, usually in hospital or police dramas.  Someone in an official uniform, a handsome but somber-faced physician or a dutiful detective, has been tasked with issuing news that no family member ever wants to hear: There has been a horrible tragedy, and nothing will be the same ever again.  It is brutally heartbreaking every time, no matter how many of these same scenes you’ve seen.  And as punishingly emotional as they are, they never get old.  Recently, I was put into a similar situation, having to steel my nerves and muster every ounce of resolve I could to perform this timeless and devastating proclamation.

“I’m sorry,” I said to my friend, “I have some…bad news.”

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One Response to “What We Talk About When We Talk About Chili”

  1. Nick wrote on 08/19/10 at 6:15 pm :

    I love my chili! I think it’s funny that you chose to feature this chili article, because as a vegetarian I cook chili ALL the time. A big pot every couple weeks. And I think the “3 Bean Chili” in that picture might be vegetarian.

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