Bourbon and Barbecue: The Ultimate BFF Pair

January 8th, 2010 by Scott Gold

There’s a television advertisement I remember from my youth: Two ranch hands are hanging out on the corral, snacking, when one of them, in an inept attempt to mount his steed, flips over the saddle and spills his treat.  “My chocolate!” he laments, to which the other counters, “is in my peanut butter!”  It’s not long before the two men realize that, as in the case of Newton’s apple, Archimedes’s bathtub, and Alexander Flemming’s famous mold, they’d landed in the lap of genius by way of pure serendipity.  Yes: Chocolate!  Peanut Butter!  Gadzooks, why didn’t anyone think about combining these things before?!?!

In the land of meat and drink, there are pairings that seldom fail to please: A robust Cabernet with a thick NY strip; bacon and eggs with coffee; spicy Texas-style chili with cold beer; a glass of sweet Sauternes and seared fois gras.  I love all of these, deeply and with gusto.  However, for me the ultimate pairing of beast and beverage, without a doubt, is bourbon and barbecue…

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One Response to “Bourbon and Barbecue: The Ultimate BFF Pair”

  1. Ginger wrote on 02/14/10 at 11:29 pm :

    Pork and bourbon…mmm. Pork and wine, pork and beer, do I see a pattern?

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